Sid’s Heating & Air Systems in Peterborough, Ontario is truly a family business. We are dedicated to the installation and repair of reliable and comfortable heating and cooling systems, at competitive prices.

Owner Sid, has been employed in the heating trade for over 25 years, before starting his own business in September of 2004. Before that, he worked doing heavy gauge hand cutting in a commercial setting in Oshawa, then finished an apprenticeship with Edgar Simmons in Peterborough.

Sid’s Heating & Air Systems installs gas furnaces and appliances, including fireplaces. The majority of our experience consists of duct work and gas piping for residential and commercial buildings. We also specialize in metal fabrication, which allows for more flexibility with custom installations.

We are proud to provide work for small homes, as well as 10,000 square foot homes that require custom applications such as:

  • duct work fabrication
  • radiant in-floor heating
  • and much more!

Sid is a licensed sheet metal worker, TSSA Certified, Gas Fitter II. He also employs a full-time Gas & Oil Fitter III, an apprentice sheet metal worker, along with a casual part time employee. Recent industrial projects include the new Ultramar Gas Station in Bridgenorth, Ontario.

Contact Sid’s Heating & Air Systems today at 705-927-0655 for more information.