In new homes and commercial buildings, the design and installation technique of the heating/cooling system is of the utmost importance.

Poor design and technique will be obvious on the finished home or building, whereas a good job will be unnoticeable, as the system will be properly hidden, and will provide an efficient flow of heat.

Factors such as the age and size of the home/building will be taken into account and will dictate the size of the heating / cooling system required, and will also affect the air system. And a good design also includes sound proofing (acoustic insulation) for all the systems being installed.

Our company primarily installs Goodman Furnaces as they have excellent heat exchanges which don't crack and their pressure switches seem to function better than other brands.

It is important to fit the furnace to the home for the best constant heat, and we know what to suggest:

  • Better efficiency and variable speeds
  • Thermostats that are more in tune with furnaces, which make it worth the cost.
  • Two stage vs variable

We like to offer clients three choices – good, better and best – with explanations to why they are ranked like this, to help with the decision process.

Cooling systems are quite different than heating systems, so the selection process isn’t as complex.

We provide complete Residential and Commercial services.

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